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Guest-list politics

Makokero Hills has a maximum capacity of 500 guests.

 What often starts with the two of you scrawling down names of best friends and beloved family at some point can turn into an anxiety-inducing exercise.

Scenario 1: Parental Input

How many names can your parents add to the guest list?  This simple question can quickly become contentious if their shortlist starts pushing you to the limits of the venue’s capacity or size of celebration you had in mind.  Who’s paying can also complicate matters.  If the parents are contributing on the bill, they may feel entitled to guest-list priority.

Course of action

Remember you’re all on the same team and any parental pushiness is really just a reflection of their enthusiasm and excitement about the big day, so of course they want to share it with every name in their address book.  Have an honest discussion right from the start about  the overall size of your party and how many slots that may leave for them, its easier to relax limits later than try to rein parents in once they’ve spread the word far and wide.  Its best to make every effort to accommodate any (reasonable) requests.

Scenario 2: Colleague Question

You want to invite your closest workmates to the party.  But what do you do about Ben from accounting, who you don’t really get on with?  And if your entire office is coming, does that mean your partner’s workmates must be there too?

Course of action

To avoid awkwardness or hurt feelings, the simplest approach is all or nothing.  If it’s a big organization then zero in on your department.  Try not to leave any one person off the list.  If you’re closer with your colleagues than your partner is with his or vice versa, its ok to invite one side and not the other.  Do your best to limit excessive wedding chat during work hours.

Scenario 3: Pruning the Family Tree

Its shocking how quickly even a small family can eat up space on the guest list once you factor in the immediates, the grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins, and so on.  So are you obligated to follow the biological bloodline?

Course of action

Its your day and you have the right to celebrate with as few or as many distant rellies as you like, based on budget, venue size, etc, but you open yourself up to trouble if you invite, say, some cousins and not others.  You can’t cherry pick aunts and uncles without ruffling some feathers.  Consistency is key.

Scenario 4: The Kids Debate

Makokero Hills considers 12 years and above as adults. Food wise, a separate arrangement should be made for those below 12 years, probably consider a kids menu option, to avoid disruptions on the adult servings.

Will your aunt revolt and stay away – if their little angels are left off the list because of a no-children policy.

Course of action

Consider the venue and timing.  Make clear with the invitation phrasing exactly who in the household is invited or, for extra clarity, include an insert kindly explaining that you’ve had to limit things to adults only.  Keep in mind, too, its ok to make exceptions for immediate family and mini maids and pageboys.

Scenario 5: Plus-One Policy

For married couples or guests in long-term relationships it’s a no brainer – partners are a definite yes.  You don’t want your nearest and dearest to be uncomfortable (or not show at all) because their other halves got the axe.  Then again, you don’t want to face an aisle full of near-perfect strangers.

Course of action

Weigh up your age, budget and tolerance for having people you don’t know present on your day.  Don’t be afraid to slip a plus-one to a friend who won’t know many of your guests.

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